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International Journal of Understanding



Prof. Zbigniew Les

Associate Editor:

Prof. Patrick Wang


Editorial Board

Prof. Jim Bezdek (University of West Florida)

Prof. Jean-Guy Fontaine (Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia I.I.T.)

Prof. Edwige Pissaloux (University of Rouen)

Prof. Janusz Kacprzyk (Polish Academy of Sciences)

Prof. Zbigniew Ras (University of North Carolina)

Prof. Frank Wilczek (MIT)

Prof. Miroslaw Pawlak (Manitoba University)

Prof. Sarunas Raudys (Vilnius University)








Understanding is one of the human capabilities that plays a key role in all human activities. The International Journal of Understanding is aimed at creating a suitable environment for exchanging research results obtained in theories and techniques concerning all aspects of understanding. The aim of the journal is to present original research that investigates different aspects of understanding.


Aims and Scope

The Journal of Understanding is an international journal that publishes refereed papers on understanding. It is multidisciplinary, welcoming papers dealing with any aspect of understanding: theoretical, practical, computational and methodological. A broad interpretation of the topic is taken with approaches from various subject areas, such as theology, philosophy, psychology, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science and engineering, all encouraged. Furthermore, the Journal welcomes a wide diversity of applications in such fields as business, government, education, technology and the environment. Of particular interest are papers dealing with understanding issue, the relationship of understanding and thinking process and development of the understanding (thinking) systems based on the method of shape understanding system (SUS). New concepts of understanding are especially encouraged as well as practical details of actual developed understanding systems and applications of particular models. Apart from research reports and review articles, other materials of interest that will be published include book reviews, software reviews and notices of general interest

Call for papers

We invite you to contribute the original and unpublished papers to this journal. We would be also grateful for advertising this journal among your colleagues, at the university etc.




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International Journal of Understanding


Vol. 1 2009

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Vol. 7 2018

Vol. 8 2018


In preparation:

Vol. 9 2019



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