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Evening lecture: 12 December 2002, 17.30

Organizer: IEEE Computer Society

Venue:  RMIT, Melbourne


Shape Understanding System: visual thinking as part of understanding process – a new way of problem solving and communication in the design of the intelligent systems (robots)


Zbigniew LES   and   Magdalena LES


The increasingly complex products and intelligent environment need to employ the intelligent tools called robots. Robots during their working session require interaction both with an environment and with the other robots. In this process experts from different disciplines utilize different form of knowledge and visualization becomes the important part of this process. Visualization that is part of visual thinking capabilities plays a key role in process of problem solving and visual communication. The aim of this research is to investigate the visual thinking capabilities of the intelligent systems in different aspects of the problem solving and communication abilities. This research is continuation of the authors’ previous work focused on investigating the understanding capabilities of the intelligent systems based on the shape understanding system (SUS). SUS is an example of the visual understanding system where sensory information is transformed into the multilevel representation in the concept formation process that is part of the visual thinking capabilities. The proposed system of shape understanding operates based on the knowledge of the image processing, decision making and the search strategies as well as the knowledge of shape description and representation distributed among the specialized experts.







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