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New Educational Program – Family of St. Queen Jadwiga’s Schools


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QJF Research Centre for Computer Aided Learning (QJF-RCCAL) was established as a part of the Queen Jadwiga Foundation. QJF-RCCAL is aimed at creating a suitable environment for research concerning all aspects of learning. QJF Research Centre for Computer Aided Learning (QJF-RCCAL) is based on the results of research concerning of the designing and application of the educational software packages. The aim of the QJF-RCCAL is carrying out of original scientific research concerning the investigation of the different aspects of application of educational software packages in educational process and utilizing this research to elaborate the new educational program that is rooted in the St. Queen Jadwiga’s tradition and built upon St. Queen Jadwiga’s axiological basement.


The research on computer aided teaching/learning started at the Silesian University in Poland. Based on this research the very prestigious grant from UE was received by mgr. M. Les and mgr. Z. Les. In Australia the research was continued, at first, at the University of Melbourne and Monash University, and next, at the QJF-RCCAL Centre and at the Ministry of Education in Victoria. This research has been carried out in a close cooperation with SQJRIU, QJF Art&Science Gallery and QJF-CMR and is placed within the new paradigm of learning, aiming at better understanding of our human existence in the world. In this approach it is stressed the big role of visual thinking during learning and understanding of the world and solving different types of problems.















Last updated: 20 July 2020


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List of QJF-RCCAL Projects:

New epistemologically oriented educational software design in the context of the visual thinking capabilities of the Shape Understanding System


 Visual understanding in designing explanatory process of the educational software


Psychometric analysis of educational and intelligence tests with Rasch model



Designing IQ Tests



System LUMEN


Statistical Visualization System


System of Integrated Packages