QJF Lectures on the occasion of Anniversary of Jadwiga’s Crowning

QJF lectures were inspired by St. Jadwiga’s attempts to propagate the newest scientific achievements of her epoch in her court life as well as for Polish nation (her subjects). Those lectures focus on the newest scientific research carried out in the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding and presented in the new book being prepared for publication in Springer-Verlag.

We have received invitation from prof. R. Kowalczyk to give a lecture at Swinburne University.

LECTURE: Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

 “Building Thinking Machines – epistemological problem”

Venue: Swinburne University, Computer Science Department, 14 October 2007, 12.30

The lecture was based on the book prepared for the Springer-Verlag. The new results of the research on the visual understanding were presented. Understanding and thinking regarded as a most important epistemological problem were described in the context of the philosophical and psychological investigations. The short introduction to existing systems in the area of AI and robotics that could be called thinking machines were also given. This talk was focused on problem solving and knowledge representation. Examples of the new forms of the visual knowledge representation and solving of the selected visual problems were briefly described. Applications of the new method in solving the visual IQ tests and selected visual problems were also presented. The basic terms of the proposed method were introduced. The shape categories and categories of the visual objects were briefly described in the context of the visual thinking and the visual understanding process. The shape categories which are basic elements of the visual concept play a big role in visual problem solving and naming process. Categories of the visual object represented in the form of categorical chains are used during concept formation and understanding of the perceived object. The visual thinking as a part of the thinking process was described in terms of the reasoning process, the visual reasoning process, visual transformations and the visual analogical reasoning. Visual transformations and the visual analogical reasoning that are based on the categorical chains were described and connections between visual understanding and visual thinking were briefly discussed.




Before the lecture at Swinburne University

It is worthy to notice that at Australian universities the number of professors of Polish origin is strikingly small. One of the aims of QJRIU is to improve such a disadvantageous for Polish Nation statistics.





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