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The Queen Jadwiga Foundation organizes the series of lectures “QJF Lectures” in which the best thinkers and scientists will present their point of view on the most important issues of the European culture. These lectures will present interdisciplinary approach to the research inspired by the tradition that comes from the Christian Europe.








Prof. Z. Les & M. Les “The Queen Jadwiga Foundation – Przykład Inspiracji Dziełem św. Jadwigi Królowej”(in Polish)


When: 18 maja 2017, godz. 17.30


Where: sala nr 6, Instytut Amerykanistyki Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Rynek Główny 34, Kraków


Prof. Z. Les & M. Les “20-ta Rocznica Kanonizacji św. Jadwigi Królowej – Queen Jadwiga Foundation – Przykład Inspiracji Dziełem Jadwigowym” (in Polish)


When: 8 czerwca 2017, godz. 16.00


Where: Collegium Maius Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, ul. Jagiellońska 15, Kraków


Prof. Z. Les & M. Les „Machine Understanding: nowa generacja robotów rozumiejąco-myślące maszyny”  (in Polish)


When: 15.10.2016, Śląski Festiwal Nauki, Katowice


Where: Międzynarodowe Centrum Kngresowe, Katowice, Śląski Festiwal Nauki 13-15.10.2016


Prof. Z. Les "Machine understanding and Human Understanding"


The IEEE Computer Society of the IEEE Victorian Section & IEEE Student Branch of The University of Melbourne present:


When: 10 September 2015 from 5:45 pm refreshments start or 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.


Where: Greenwood Theatre (EEE), Building 193, University of Melbourne (




A lecture given by Dr. Z. Les and M. Les under auspicious of the Queen Jadwiga Research Institute of Understanding (QJRIU) and the Australian Computer Society.


DATE: 18 February 2009

TOPIC: SUS - further contribution into development of thinking machines

VENUE: Telstra Theatrette, 242 Exhibition Street, Melbourne

TIME: 5:30pm for a 6:00pm start 




A lecture given by Dr. Z. Les and M. Les in Minstry of Education, Australia, w dniu 04 maja 2009, godzina 12.15.



Three lectures given by Dr. Zbigniew Les:

DATE: 01 May 2007, 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

TOPIC: "Designing a visual understanding machine"

VENUE: Melbourne University, Melbourne, Australia

Organized by the Department of Computer Science

Theatre 3 (2.05) ICT Building, 111 Barry St Carlton, Melbourne, Australia


DATE: 09 May 2007, 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm

TOPIC: "Building a machine with visual thinking capabilities"

VENUE: Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Organized by IEEE, Victorian Chapter, Australia


DATE: 14 October 2007, 12.30 pm to 2.00 pm

TOPIC: "Building Thinking Machines – epistemological problem"

VENUE: Swinburne University, Melbourne, Australia

Organized by Swinburne University, Computer Science Department, Australia




Zbigniew LES & Magdalena LES “Shape Understanding System: application of statistical methods in designing of the system with the visual thinking capabilities”




Zbigniew LES & Magdalena LES “Shape Understanding System: visual thinking as part of understanding process – a new way of problem solving and communication in design of the intelligent systems (robots)“




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